The Manifest An Abundance Mindset

Heal your money Story 1 on 1 Program

I want to share with you an exciting and powerful container that opens you up to new possibilities when it comes to your relationship with money. This is a 1 on 1 private coaching program called “ Manifest An Abundance Mindset-Heal your Money Story Program.

Inside this private coaching program which is 1 on 1 (You and Me only ), you will learn a process that will help to heal your relationship with money for good. This program will help you

  • Uncover the stories that keep you stuck in the same maze of luck that appears to be generational in your life
  • Learn the truth about money and how it works and flows which will empower you to create your own truth about how it shows up in your life
  • Develop a new great relationship with money which will allow you to receive and spend money with ease
  • Tap into spiritual and practical strategies to attract and keep money in your life
  • Discover a proven to work 20 step process for manifesting  abundance into your life
  • Work with your desires to co-create a beautiful and fun-filled existence.
  • Understand money beyond the paper money that you see and touch.
  • Release any lies that tell you, you are not worthy of the abundant life you desire
  • To give yourself the Permission to become a wealthy individual on this planet

The Manifest An Abundance Mindset ( Heal your money relationship story  ) program will work like this –

  • Taught on a 1 on 1 private coaching basis ( where you will have full access to me on a weekly basis ) pouring into you all the truths I have learned about money over a 3 year period of intensive wealth consciousness work with some of the best coaches on abundance from the United States of America. These truths are working to transform my relationship with money from one of luck to more than enough.
  • Each session will be one hour long
  • You will have access to me in between sessions via messenger or email or WhatsApp to support you on your journey
  • This is 5-week coaching program container
  • Taught online over Zoom
  • Five modules to help you heal your relationship with money
  • Access to Workbooks for each module to zero in on your learnings
  • Investment is MK177,000 cash payment and MK100,000 *2 ( MK200,000 for two installments )

To access this program simply click the button below or send your details to If you would like an initial call before we start to fully understand this offer email to the above address or send a message to +265(0)888424344

Accessing this program now will

  • Transform your perception of money
  • Shine a light on the demons that are holding your progress hostage
  • Bring peace of mind into how you relate to money
  • Change the trajectory of your current and future experience with money
  • Create a strong foundation to re-write the script of how money works for you and your children
  • Provide insight on how you can create new revenue streams in your life

This program is very close to my heart because of The work I continually do.Its work has me experiencing new levels of abundance. It’s work that I totally had no idea about prior to starting my personal development journey. It’s life-changing work that I believe everyone who cares or desires to know should have access to.





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