The Capable Women Group

The capable woman membership group is a monthly container that combines practical and spiritual strategies to help you become the best version of yourself as a professional woman who wears many huts as a leader, manager, team member, wife, mother, and entrepreneur, and many other roles.

Being part of the capable woman membership group will:

  • Provide insight to help you define your personal vision for yourself
  • Align your actions with the goals that you desire to achieve
  • Create a self-space for you to deal with the challenges that stand between you and your goals
  • Offer peer support to help you collapse time in getting the results you want
  • Provide tools, resources and strategies on developing soft skills critical in your career development
  • Empower you to recognize that you are not alone in your struggle to become the best version of yourself therefore you don’t have to give up
  • Get Accountability on your commitments
  • Opportunity to ask all the pressing questions that you struggle with pertaining to the specific theme
  • Get a workbook to support your growth plan

This container of value works like this

  • This is a group coaching program
  • We meet three times a week on Thursday evenings from 6 to 7 pm
  • The meetings are virtual –We use Zoom
  • Each month has a theme that we tackle ie Clarity of Vision, Developing good habits, Emotional intelligence, Personal Growth, Time management, Personal mastery etc
  • The calls are split into; Call 1 A deep dive presentation into the theme, Call 2 is an assessment call to check on the progress that has been made from the previous call, and call 3 is about Best practice and learning from leading women who have made strides as regards the selected theme
  • The monthly investment is MK15000.00

In order for you to join this membership that is all about supporting your growth simply send your name and email address to – or click the button below to enroll or send your name and email address to +265(0) 888 424344

You are the type of woman who

  • Knows you are meant for greatness
  • Senses that she can do more with her life than what she is putting out now
  • Doesn’t want to be mediocre in every aspect of her life
  • Desires to create a beautiful and fulfilling life
  • Wants it all, the career, the family, the money, the impact, and the influence

If this is You then Enrolling in the Capable woman membership is the right thing to do right now.I look forward to seeing you inside.

It’s time to take ownership of your growth in your career, it’s time to take the power back and stop sitting on the sidelines waiting for someone to choose you to succeed, it’s time to choose yourself by empowering yourself to propel you forward. You will love being inside a container with women that are driven to succeed just like you!





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