My confidence level has greatly been boosted – Carol Phombeya

The problem that I had before discovering Nditha Mindset’s 1 On 1 Transformational Coaching program was a lack of self-confidence and self- belief. When I tried to solve the problem on my own it was disheartening – a feeling like I am not enough. At the onset of my coaching sessions  I felt like someone was understanding my thoughts –what I was going through and feeling inside me –I felt so comfortable discussing my inner feelings and my fears, it is so professional and yet so flexible! For me the moment when I realized that the coaching was working was when I started interacting with Irene aka Nditha, I felt so changed, started realizing that I can actually change my mindset ––I started seeing some positive traits already in myself based on what I have done exceptionally well before.

Added to this, shortly into this transformational program with Nditha, I had a ‘high level’ interview with an international organization – I was surprised with my own level of confidence and articulation, this confirmed that the coaching I was receiving was actually working for me. Looking ahead, life looks so promising. I strongly feel I am very capable! My confidence level has greatly been boosted. I am now looking at my shortfalls as stepping stones to the top. Through this journey, my goals and purpose are becoming crystal clear as I now feel that Yes, I can and I will. Thank you Nditha for helping instill confidence in me and opening my mind to change.

Carol Phombeya, Accountant