I have come to believe in myself no matter what – Cotilda Mussa

The problem that I had before discovering Nditha mindsets 1 on 1 transformational coaching program was building social capital but I ended up  working on a lot of my weaknesses that were discovered along the journey such as building self confidence in myself and not looking at being an introvert as a stumbling block .At the same time I worked on my strengths so as to cement them. One thing that I found to be different during this coaching experience was the fact that the lessons were tailored based on my needs, this made the product different and the lessons were not one sided, Irene made sure to engage my thought process and we had an open insightful discussion.

As the sessions progressed I realized that the coaching was bearing fruit when I experienced a buildup in my self -confidence and it’s been awesome realizing the fact that other people at my work place have also picked up on it as well. The other major transformation was the change in the constant self-doubt which made me work from a place of fear as opposed to a place of faith.

Now I watch what I feed my mind because am more aware of the effect it will have on my life. I have also gained skills on how to deal with third party criticism and it no longer bothers me as it used to in the past .Another shift has been the fact that I no longer feel as overwhelmed with my work as I used to before going through the transformational coaching program. I now feel totally in control of what success looks like in my career.

Overall, a lot of things have changed for the better as a result of the lessons gained though the coaching sessions. The limiting ideas that I had about myself and life in general have changed. I have come to believe in myself no matter what and am excited to continue on my journey of growth.

Cotilda Mussa