Discover five ideas to shift in order to secure the next promotion in your industry.


The desire for growth and expansion is an inert inclination to all of us. This is because it shows us that we are making progress toward our desired goals and ambitions. This is especially true in a career. No one should have to feel like they are never going to grow or move up to that dream job position. This is not a good feeling. It’s draining. It’s frustrating and energy sucking. At the core it’s demeaning and makes one feel powerless.

However, to achieve notable success and progress in our careers, we must be aware that it all begins with our mindset. What we think determines what we get .Our thoughts are the cause and our reality is the result. Therefore, to change the results we are experiencing even in our career we must deal with the thoughts we harbor about ourselves.

We all operate within the confines of our beliefs, simply put beliefs are thoughts that we think over and over again and we have ended up believing them as being one hundred percent true. These thoughts might not be serving us but we believe them and they continue to detect our results.

As a professional career woman, it’s possible that you have capped your success in your mind. You have desired a bigger role but at the same time you have stopped yourself from reaching for it because of self-doubt. You have talked yourself out of opportunities due to fear which you might be aware or unaware of. So you keep watching other people make the progress you wish for and secretly envy them.

You look at other people and wonder how they are succeeding when you have the same qualifications, sometimes even better yet you are being left behind. You know deep down that you have what it takes but somehow opportunities keep alluding you.

Here are five ideas that might just be the answer to what’s stopping you from becoming the best version of yourself in your career and life in general and how to shift them to start your journey to career and personal growth.

Awakening to these will empower you to notice them when they arise and Shift them to ensure that they are no longer stumbling blocks to your much deserved success.