Its the third month of 2021 already ! oh wow the year is flying past so quickly. It seems like yesterday that we were clocking in this new year. That said its time we also look at how we are doing when it comes to our goals.

Regardless of where you are or how you are doing in this department we can all be served by shining a light on the blocks that might be standing on the way of our progress. Here are 5 potential blocks that if you address can help you to start progressing on your path

Lack of Motivation

This might look like this

  • Feeling burn out
  • a negative environment that isn’t supportive of your goals
  • Inadequate energy levels

How to solve this :

  • Get to the bottom of it by asking what is the cause of this lack of motivation and solution it from there. Get to the bottom of it and work your way up. You can do this

Chronic Procrastination

This is caused by

  • Laziness
  • Lack of motivation
  • Its root cause is fear ,which can be fear of rejection, failure and alienation

The key here is to become aware of this fear and to  then prepare yourself in advance for how to deal with it when it arises. The best way to beat fear is to feel it, but proceed to take action  anyway. Especially when you know that taking action will draw you closer to your desired goal.

Lack of Resources

This can look like a lack of money to support your business or lack of the right people to notice your work ethic and give you the opportunity to the top. Whatever it is for you, I would like to suggest that you start to increase your internal resources to solve your external lack of the same . Best approach is to start to build your internal resources through reading  wealth consciousness books and  consuming  podcasts ,articles and videos that will start to build your internal resources ,before you know it the internal resources will start to show up in your external life as people ,events and circumstances that will work to your favor.

Lack of time or Too many responsibilities

This can be true in other cases however it can also be an excuse to avoid starting a process of change or an important project that is aligned to your goals.

A couple of ways to solution this

  • Set priorities and schedule them
  • Learn to say No
  • Look at what you are being busy with
  • Ensure that your tasks are aligned with your goals

Identity crisis or not being sure of who you are

This is a real challenge to achieving your goals .Its the reason we feel stuck or do not progress. So the trick here is to take some time out and figure out who you are, what you truly want and then be busy being about that.

The approach is to get back to the basics .Ask yourself what are my values and strengths then go on and leverage your strengths and do things that align with your values as an individual.

Hope that the above will help you to reassess and forge ahead with determination and confidence.

With Love

Irene Mphatso 

Nditha mindset coaching

I help ambitious women overcome self doubt and overwhelm through meaningful weekly coaching that leads to increased self awareness, confidence and income.




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