You are Different so you can make a Difference

That’s the message I received when for a split second I was starting to question whether going against the grain in my life choices was the right thing to do. Especially around leaving my secure corporate nest into the unknown.

The message came through so strongly. Your being different is so you can make a difference. They are thousands of women waiting for you to birth all you are meant to birth so they can permit themselves to birth their own gifts and make an impact.

There is massive amounts of work that are supposed to come out from you. You are meant to serve. You are meant to make a difference. You are meant to teach. You are meant to host events. You are meant to be a connector. You are meant to inspire. You are meant to be the fuel that lights up women’s inner super power. You are meant to live a much bigger life. You are meant to be an example of what is possible. against us.

Go on be different. Choose your choices. Make your own decisions. Follow you heart and allow yourself to blossom because there , at that place is where the power is, its where the joy is , its where the fulfillment is ,its where your abundance is , its where possibilities lie for you and its where you are meant to thrive.

So do not conform. Do not be like everyone else. As long as you have inner peace from the knowing that you are following your inner guidance, that’s really all you ever need. Trust. Trust that as you go on your path, you are being led. You are being guided. The one who has given you the vision will surely direct you and give you the victory.

So your struggle

might be different. You might be facing a scenario right now that is calling for you to stand out. You might be feeling led to be different and its making you very uncomfortable in your own skin and you are questioning whether following this desire is the right thing to do. Do not give into fear and doubt rather choose to have faith and courage. Choose to trust your gut feeling. Tune into that and from that place make your next moves.

In my own experiences I have realized that things are not as complicated as we make them seem in the moment that we are all wrapped up in them. Life turns out to be just fine beyond the moment of thinking everything is falling apart. The provision is somehow always available. The supply is ever present. Our job is to operate from a powerful place of knowing that everything is literally working for us and not against us.

So go on and be different .Enjoy the ride.







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