They are times we must let go of what we have always known to pave way for the new. What we know is based on  what we have witnessed, experienced, or  have  heard. This is especially true when it comes to our experience with money.

If your experiences around money have revolved around luck and not enoughness you will always look at money as being that- LIMITED.

I find it interesting that as humans we are so keen to defend our ways of being even when they don’t fully serve us.

In my journey of personal development I am learning that money is not limited. I always thought I had to be very careful around money. I had to hang on to it tightly. I was so fearful around money because it never seemed to stay with me for long. It would always be leaving the minute it came (this could be the day it hit my account or in the second day) then after that we would have peace and not think about money or simply get things on loan basis with the confirmation I will pay you on the 20th ( the day I received my salary ) So the same story kept repeating itself for as long as I can remember.

Due to my discovery that this is not the only reality that is available when it comes to money, am on a journey of healing my relationship with money. I am deliberately working on building an abundance mindset .I am releasing the past ,forgiving it all and letting it all go and embracing being comfortable with a new way of viewing money. I am making money a friend. I am feeling good about money. I am allowing it to flow freely into my life and am deciding to become the version of me for whom money is limitless.

Practically am putting in the work. I always thought buying a cappuccino or latte ( fancy word for coffee ) was such a splurge. I also feel funny or uncomfortable in places like Mugs n Bean. But then am learning that the uncomfortable feeling in such places just reflects back to you the fact that you feel unworthy to be in such an environment. However , just being aware of it is a great step in the right direction . The second step is to keep going there every now and again until you normalize the feeling of being comfortable there and another layer is the emotional level where you can journal out the reasons why you believe you don’t fit in , then you can begin to do the work on reframing it all up so that you create in your mind the feeling of being worthy of being there. So today .after running some errands I just thought a latte would be great , a part of me was like No Irene that money you can use it for better things ( Spending MK2500 on a latte is like why waist that money .. etc but I reminded myself  that there is always enough money for all  my needs and desires so I went ahead and got the latte. I enjoyed the experience, I felt comfortable being in that space ( the inkiness is still there but I believe it will leave soon. As I pulled up to my house , a latte in hand , I received a notification of a payment hitting my account from a client.  When you trust money and you release the fear around it and believe that it is always available for you ,you will open up opportunities for more money to flow into your life.

It’s not the amounts that matter  ,its actually the principles that matter.

Key Takeaways : Money is available for me, for both my needs and desires .Every time I spend money i choose to feel good about it believing that its coming back to me tenfold.

In what areas can you start practicing feeling the  feeling of abundance around money ?

Have you found yourself feeling uneasy or uncomfortable in certain places ? Journal this out .Write down your thoughts ( then question them ) and decide to create a new story around how life gets to play out for you.

Love Irene

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