Do you ever find yourself dreading to do something new? Do you find yourself second guessing whether it is truly necessary that you try that new approach? Do you find yourself feeling like your heart is racing so fast you will faint at the idea of making a presentation in front of those big shots in that all important meeting? Do you find yourself saying; I don’t want to embarrass myself or what if I fail so bad or who am I to do this?

All these fear feelings are normal human experiences. It is our brain trying to protect us from what it perceives as a harmful situation that is ultimately taking us out of our comfort zone.

Our job is to raise our awareness of what is happening in our brain so that we can better manage our reactions to the feelings that we feel.

Ultimately our thoughts create our feelings which then trigger how we respond to a situation and then the results that we experience. This awareness is so crucial as it gives the power back to us as the creators of our reality.

So when you are afraid of trying new things ,you have to condition yourself to go beyond the scenario at hand , to find out if the action you are about to take is beneficial to you and to the end goal that you desire to achieve. If the answer is yes then you want to proceed to take the action even as you feel the fear of doing the action.

When you allow yourself to be new at something , you will find that you will learn more, you will discover more new opportunities that you would not have discovered if you had not gone ahead to take the new action. The more you get out of your comfort zone the more confident your will get in embracing change and discovering your capabilities.

I want to be more willing to be new at doing things. An area that I figure I can improve is in baking and in taking more action in my business.

I have already started learning and improving in the baking arena. Interesting enough, am discovering that the answers are available when we ask for them. Am learning to be good friends with Google and to also pick up the phone and ask friends who are better at this area than I am.

The idea is am willing to see things differently , am willing to  learn, am willing to be new at something ,am permitting myself to become better as I go .I am releasing the need to be perfect ,the need to always know ,the need to be safe and secure ,cause there is no growth in places where I know everything.

So here is to being a newbie, to growth, to failing and getting up to try again. Here is to failing forward , here is to getting our feet dirty , here is to being bold and moving ahead inspite of the fear, here is to realizing that we are more capable than we give ourselves credit for, here is to releasing the fear and embracing it as we become better versions of ourselves .






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