Irene Mphatso

Transformation Life Coach & Mentor

Hi, I’m Irene!

I help Professional women move from stuck and discontent to living fearlessly on purpose. I help professional women unearth their highest potential by choosing to stand in their power and let go of all self-doubt. 

My Story

I am Irene Mphatso, a  transformation life coach and mentor for women who are done playing small, are ready to stand in their power and need a life transformation.

If you know that there is more to your life. That fulfillment is your portion. That you are meant to thrive and not just exist in this life. That you have been put here right now in this space and time experience for a specific purpose.

Then I am here to support you on your journey of letting go of the fear that stands between you and your Purpose. I help women to permit their greatness to show, burst into the joy and peace of being authentically who they have always been meant to be; Queen of their life.

Often times we allow life to beat us up. We forget who we truly are. We bury our honest desires and get lost in the maze of conformity.

I have come to a personal decision that permitting our greatness to come through us is the best thing that we can experience in the world. Finding that spark, the excitement in everyday because you are living on purpose is the most incredible experience.

I can’t fully express the fulfillment and satisfaction that I get from seeing my clients successfully transition from a place of utter desperation to one of confident clarity and absolute contentment.

She is a corporate girl turned entrepreneur with a difference to impact women’s lives by helping them overcome any limiting ideas that keep them playing small, hiding, and shying away from earning more incorporate using mindset and practical strategies.

Irene recently completed her Masters degree in Business Administration and brings her vast practical experience with powerful business and mindset mastery hacks to ensure that the clients she works with get enormous return on their investment and have a transformational life experience




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